About Us

Saifwealth.com is an initiative to seek and share financial know-how, create awareness, and build a self-learning platform. It was established in March 2020. A crucial year in the history of mankind.

The majority of the population does not understand or ever hear about certain financial terms. The objective of this financial blog is to make the life of our readers simpler and easier with the help of content creation.

Management of money is a complex task, whether it is done through budgeting, investing, or financial planning. But with a little knowledge of the financial terms, concepts, and methods, the task becomes more effective, simple, and relatively easy.

The purpose is to spread financial wisdom and understanding of the diversified and profound world of finance.

Saifwealth Author


Here, is Murtaza, the originator, and owner of the financial blog Saifwealth.com. He completed his Post-graduation in Finance from the Faculty of Management Studies, Udaipur (the Venice of East).

He is like a mixture of a computer geek, reader, and a health nut with a creative mind. Utilizing time in performing analysis, reading books, exploring nature, and experimenting with new ideas.

The Story

It all started after graduation. As an explorer and experimenter, he was looking for new ways to seek and share knowledge.

Surfing the internet is a common thing to perform, but content creation is a whole new dimension to explore.

The more conclusive decision is doing something productive that helps in nurturing the existing knowledge and growing it to the great extent. So, to bring new learning opportunities and to improve the current state.

The creation of financial blogs and self-improvement becomes a new hobby.

The aim is to gain financial knowledge, create self-awareness, and dispersion of that cognizance around the world.

Meet Qutubuddin the co-creator of this Financial Blog.

He is a student, an inquisitive person with a keen interest in digital marketing, and an internet geek.

The handling, maintenance, and SEO tasks uphold by him.

With the urge to learn about websites and how things work on the global net, this financial blog becomes the first step to a ladder.

At Saifwealth.com the idea is not to provide any sort of personal advice related to investment or money. The main purpose is to spread knowledge, understand and try to explain concepts, ideology, and terms related to finance in a simplified manner.

We have just started our journey in this respective field and are continuously striving to improve ourselves and grow as much as possible.