Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is the comprehensive review and analysis of both micro and macro-economic factors which might affect the value of the securities in capital markets. The review consists of an analysis of the factors of the overall economy of a country, industry, and the company which influences the value of securities. Investment decisions are made … Read more

6 Common Options Trading Strategies

Options Strategies

You-all ever heard about derivative options. Professional traders and investors use their knowledge to devise a trading strategy that will help to generate profits. Derivative options are of two categories i.e. Call option and Put option. Options traders perform in-depth analysis and prepare options trading strategies for the successful execution of a trade. There are … Read more

What are Derivatives?


Derivatives is a popular term in the financial world. People who deal in finance and capital markets are generally familiar with derivatives. It is used as a financial device or financial instrument to hedge funds, get an arbitrage advantage, as an investment avenue to park surplus funds and obtain gains through derivatives trading or most … Read more

Mutual fund vs ETF – 6 Key differences

Mutual Fund Vs ETF

Both mutual fund and exchange traded fund are investment avenues. The differentiation between mutual fund vs ETF helps to understand key distinction between them. In both securities pool of funds are created by mobilizing money from investors’. The funds in both mutual funds and exchange traded funds are invested in various securities like equity, debt, … Read more

5 Types of Mutual Fund in India

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are an investment avenue that allows investors to pool their funds, which are then invested in financial securities and managed by fund managers. Mutual funds in India have two set-ups: There are varieties of mutual funds available in India, and to simplify its diversification, the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) introduced a … Read more