Budgeting: How to create a Budget & its Importance?


One of the basic needs in today’s time is the fulfillment of financial deficits that occur in our daily life. Hard money earned by us is spent on our daily expenses and other requirements like leisure and investment. However, the money at the end after all the spending left seems to be much less. At … Read more

5 Popular things that depreciate in value as soon as bought

Things that depreciate in value as soon as bought

We all bought new products and merchandise for various purposes. Some are bought to fulfil our needs and some for the purpose of leisure. The world is changing rapidly as consumer buying behaviors are changing with time. In the past times, consumers tend to buy less until they actually needed that particular product and merchandise. … Read more

How to Invest Money in Your 20s – A Guide for investment [20s and Above]

Invest money in your 20s

How should my money grow? is a question that comes to mind of everyone who is in their 20’s. I’m sure this question hits your mind too. So, what to do? People in their 20’s are mostly students or the young working population who started to make or save at least some money. They are … Read more

10 simple methods of wealth management & maximization – [Building Wealth]

Build Wealth

We all understand in a narrow sense that if someone has a lot of money and assets we refer to, that person is wealthy. Having resources in abundance to consume is generally understood as wealth. So, what exactly wealth is? Let’s understand. Wealth Definition The word wealth is derived from the English word “Weal”, which … Read more