Income Tax of India

Income Tax

In India, taxation on income is regulated under the Income Tax Act 1961. It is a form of an indirect-tax charged. This act provided sections and definitions according to the law applied to assess, justify, and charge income tax in India. Section (2) Definitions  Agricultural income Any income from land situated in India derived in … Read more

Privilege Tax For Work From Home

Privilege Tax

The year 2020, is turning out to be very shocking for the world. It started with a shocking spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Stock market crash, global recession, lockdown, war, work-from-home, election and economic reforms. One of the new terminology come into existence i.e. Privilege tax. With the rise of work-from-home trend, the governments was … Read more

Best 8 Ways To Save Tax In USA

Save Tax in USA

Are you searching for ways to save tax? Here is an article that might help to find a solution for it. Tax is one of the largest expense in people’s life. There is no shortage of taxpayers that are looking for ways to cut down their tax liability. At the end, no one like to … Read more