What are Derivatives?


Derivatives is a popular term in the financial world. People who deal in finance and capital markets are generally familiar with derivatives. It is used as a financial device or financial instrument to hedge funds, get an arbitrage advantage, as an investment avenue to park surplus funds and obtain gains through derivatives trading or most … Read more

Health Insurance-7 Types of Health Insurance plans

Health Insurance

The quality of human life depends on human wellness and health. To nurture good health, people eat quality food, hit the gyms, do yoga and buy health insurance. Having an excellent well-being is a part of wealth creation. Health insurance is a contract between an insured person and the insurer in which the insurer or … Read more

5 Types of Mutual Fund in India

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are the investment avenue that provides the facility to mutually pool funds by the investors’ and that pool of funds is then invested in financial securities and managed by the fund managers. Mutual funds in India have two set-ups: Open-ended schemes are open for the investors’ to purchase or sale of units of … Read more